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Green Room - Week 19 - Day.. something

Quoted directly from clauderainsrm:

Good morning.

I’m feeling better, but still haven’t had the chance to go through my email yet. So if anyone is waiting for an answer from me, it’ll be a little bit longer.

It’s funny how much being sick can take out of you.  One minute you could be jumping up and down, and the next you barely want to move. But as I said, I’m feeling better now. Thank you to everyone who was concerned.

I’ve had these big topics in my head for what I was going to post in the Green Room but they really boil down to two points –

(1) No one is ever going to be happy. You can just do things the best you can and hope for the best outcome. You do something. People are unhappy and say you shouldn’t. You don’t do something, and people are unhappy and say you should have.  This is an across the board thing. Just do whatever you can and keep moving forward. Doing your thing and doing it well is often the best revenge.*G*

(2) For all of the ups and downs of this season – this truly is my favorite group. Yeah, there have been times when I’ve wondered “why would any sane person put themselves through this?” But then I remembered that I’m not sane, and that helped.*G* Seriously though, it’s all about the writing. Every single one of the people who are still in the competition, you’ve stepped it up writing wise and I couldn’t be more proud of you if I tried. Maybe that doesn’t mean much, but I just hope that you are proud of yourself as well. Because you are doing a phenomenal job.

That’s why I do this. For the satisfaction of seeing good writers surprise themselves and do better than they would have ever thought they could. It’s what keeps me coming back day after day, season after season. . . it’s what helps me rise above the buzz of nonsense and helps me deal with people who might not care if they hurt each other in the process. Seeing the good, and the potential for good makes it easier to handle the bumps in the road.

I’m feeling better. I hope you are too.

Tags: green room, season 4, week 19
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