Kithan (kithan) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room, Week 19, Day 3

Our fearless leader is out sick today so I'm posting the Green Room.  Be afraid!

Spring might finally be on the way here in Wisconsin, but if the past Springs are any indication, we're going to get another snow storm before it's all over.  But it is only 5 weeks until the Farmer's Market and fresh cheese curds!

I was wondering last night how many former contestants are still actively participating in the Green Rooms or still watching the community?  If so, I'd like to hear from you today.  Even if it's just a quick "Hi, still watching" comment.  Give us a shout, let us know you're still here!

(I admit I don't monitor the Green Room as much as I maybe should because I'm always at work, that's why I'm asking.)

I am about to head off to work.  I'm sure there'll be a zillion comments by the time I get there!
Tags: day 03, green room, season 4, week 19
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