clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

The Spirit of LJ Idol Award

goes to tru2myart!!!!

Congratulations Penny!!!

You really have come a long way and have obviously made a great impression on your fellow contestants!!!

So much so that they gave you this award.

Now what IS this award you ask?

Well, Jonah is working on an icon for you - hopefully she'll post it here soon.

You get the title and all the prestige that comes with knowing that you are the Spirit of LJ Idol!

AND you can get 20 votes.

That's right. 20 votes to do with as you see fit.

You can use them for yourself. You can give them to others.

You have been given the power to turn this game on it's head. Twenty votes is enough to raise the person with the least votes to the person with the most votes in one shot. It's enough to cause ties, to break ties... to impact the very core of this game...

You can use these votes as many at a time as you want - and for anyone you want to use them on... yourself, a friend, someone you want to see go further...

You *can not* use them to save an automatic elimination and you can only use them to get until the final four. But that's STILL a lot of leeway...

Use them well enough, and you've found your way into the final four, and possibly into the finals depending on how you play them.

Tags: season 2, spirit of lj idol
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