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down to 8, a chance to honor AND the new topic

riayn leaves us today, as the races get closer/harder and the competition continues toward the TOP FIVE.

I didn't know riayn at all before she signed up for LJ Idol, but I'm really glad that she did. Really great person to have around and I for one am going to miss her.


The Spirit of LJ IDOL AWARD

I'm giving you - the remaining contestants, a unique experience and challenge never before placed in front of you. Nominate one of your own for the SPIRIT OF LJ IDOL award.

What is the award? It's a nifty icon (created by Jonah) a title and one of the best prizes we've given out during this competition.

Who should you nominate? The person who is still in the contest who best represents what you think a LJ Idol should be. Not the person who you think SHOULD win, or WILL win, but the person who's been trying to hardest week after week overcoming personal obstacles in the process. Maybe it's someone who's gone out their way to make friends with you during the course of this - that's a big part too...

How do I nominate them? I considered a bunch of different methods, but I think in this case, one person, one vote. Any tie will be broken by myself and Jonah.*g* Send the name of the person you think is the best example of what this contest is all about to THURSDAY October 19th at noon EST.

DON'T POST IT HERE It's a secret ballot!*g*


What you DO post here is this week's topic!!!!

"Get Over It"

Maybe it's something you want people to get over... mayeb it's something you want to get over/have gotten over... maybe you just like the song...

you have until Friday October 20th at 1pm EST to post your *looks at a couple of you* public posted (so people can read them!) entries!

Good luck!
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