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Intersection FAQ (note edit)

We started out this little game I like to call LJ IDOL with 154 contestants.


Even I thought that I might be on crack with that number of people involved. But somehow, bit by bit we got here. We now stand with the TOP 48 contestants. Well over a 100 people gone.

We stand at the intersection of the game, which is, appropriately enough - an "intersection".

Q: Gary, I don't watch any of those there reality shows, what the heck are you talking about?

A: An intersection is from The Amazing Race, where teams would have to team up, to compete together.

Q: Ok, well that's nifty, but what does that have to do with Idol?

A: Livejournal is a social networking community, you don't think some "social networking" is going to play out in the game? These people have survived over 100 people, surely there is SOMEONE they like, respect and trust enough to join forces with.

Q: How long does this intersection last?

A: Until I say otherwise. Could be a round. Could be until the top 25. It's not past that, but it's somewhere in the middle.

Q: How do partners get selected.

A: Each contestant selects their own partner. I'll be posting something where people can officially announce their partnerships. Both people have to agree to the match.

Q: How does voting work?

A: Person A and Person B are partners. Their scores will be added together. The team(s) with the lowest combined scores will be going home.

Q: How does the Topic work?

A: There will be TWO topics. One pre-selected by me, just like normal. One of them will be OPEN TOPIC. That's right. I promised Open Topic (writing on whatever you want to write on) would be coming back, and here it is!)
One partner will write on one. One will write on the other. Both CAN write on the pre-set topic, but both can't write Open Topic in the same round.
Unless you both do the "pre-set" topic, the person who writes on Open Topic *must* do the pre-set the following week and the reverse is true...

Q: What happens if my partner ends up dropping out due to real life?

A: Excellent question. You have an option. You can choose to "go it alone" without a partner, with your sole score being measured to their combined scores or you can challenge someone else to a Sudden Death match to take their spot in the game (and partner).

A: You will have the opportunity to join a pre-existing team as the third member.

Q: Why did you strike out that previous answer?

A: I changed my mind when I decided that I liked the other idea better.I do that.*g*

Q: Other than that?

A: Other than that, it's exactly the same. This is just a twist. Some are going to like it, because it gives them a chance to pair up with someone and collaborate. Others won't but will find a way to get through it.

This is an FAQ, so if you need anymore clarifications, please let me know.
Tags: faq, intersection, season 4, week 16
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