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Sometimes you stare blinking at the results because you really can't quite believe them. This is one of those times, for me at least.

I knew it was going to be interesting, any time you set the contestants lose to dictate the fate of the game, you are going to get some pretty staggering surprises. This time was no exception.

Gone from us this week are

belenen who dropped out to save someone else from having to go. (and oddly enough, she would have been saved by the tie-breaker so it really was a sacrifice.)

Veteran player shannihilation who was always a treat to have around.

One of my very first "favorites" this season libra_dragon (who was actually in a tie for the last available "safe" spot with rosepurr who pulled it off with one extra Gold Star. . .)

and ever entertaining srs_bidness who was as fun to debate with as he was to read.

and . . .

rm, literally the last person I would have thought would be going.

Goodbye to all of you and thank you. *closes eyes, hits post and waits for the jaws to drop*

amenquohi 21
angstzeit 16
awallens 17
az-starshine 22
baxaphobia 26
belenen 14
boundfate 16
browneyedgirl65 16
chazari 18
chite 20
elva-undine 23
ewok-626 18
fidgety 25
gnomeangel 17
golden-sands 18
imafarmgirl 23
jennielynn1127 23
johnmill79 16
kathrynrose 22
kittenboo 24
ladyozma 18
laurelian 18
libra-dragon 14
lilerthkwake 17
lilmissmagic 23
lisasali 15
moonlightmuse 18
puppetmaker40 20
rm 13
roina-arwen 21
rosepurr 14
shannihilation 9
sircaliban 18
spydielives 19
srs-bidness 8
suesniffsglue 21
superhappytime 21
tdarling 16
twirlandswirl 16
unsold-capacity 20
walkertxkitty 23
wildcatwrites 16
xo-kizzy-xo 18
Tags: eliminations, season 4, week 15
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