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some rules before we begin

Good Morning contestants and Welcome to Season 2 of LJ Idol

Before I name your first assignment, I'll just go over a few ground rules.
(1) If you miss a week's assignment, you are subject to automatic elimination. Why? It's quite simple, I don't want to eliminate someone who submitted something because someone else is popular. It's the great equalizer IMO. If more than one person misses the deadline in a week where there is only one boot (sometimes there will be more, on a pre-determined system that might be tweaked as we go for heightened drama.*g*) then there will be a run-off vote to choose who will be eliminated from the competition.

(2) Some weeks I will choose the topic, other weeks you will be free to post whatever you want.

(3) Voting is open to everyone and yes, it's ok to vote for yourself.

(4) The only limit to the content of your entries is your own imagination. Even during "topic weeks", if you feel like bending it to suit your purpose, do it. Creativity always gets extra points in my book.

(5) The biggest and most important rule though is have fun. Otherwise, why do something like this?

Thank you so much for making this season bigger and better, and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at or post them here.

Now I'm off to the next entry to post your OPENING SALVO IN THE BATTLE TO FIND OUT WHO WILL BE THE NEXT LJ IDOL!
Tags: faq, season 2, sign up week
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