Kithan (kithan) wrote in therealljidol,

Week 14 - Results & Special Powers

It gets a little harder each week to say goodbye to contestants.  This week is no different.

First, in a very closely fought Sudden Death match, unsold_capacity pulled out a victory by a scant 1 vote!  Thus we say goodbye to anamacha.  Very well played, both of you.

In the main polls, because dragonfluff withdrew after I posted the poll, we are saying goodbye to the 3 contestants with the lowest number of votes:

and controlld_chaos

It seems like every week we are saying goodbye to someone's favorite in the competition.  I hope you all stick around in the Green Room and hopefully we'll see you again next season!


And now on to the Special Powers for this week!

tulip_in_yellow received the most votes this week, congratulations!  She will get to choose an alternate topic this week.  Please email me at kithan@LJ to let me know ASAP.

awallens was closest to eliminations this week, and thus receives the right to challenge any competitor to a Sudden Death Cage Match!  If you choose to use this power, please email Gary at before 10am EST on Friday.  (Remember, you don't have to use the power.)
Tags: eliminations, results, season 4, special powers, week 14
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