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Thank You

Craig Finn of the Hold Steady has something that he says at the end of every show.

"There is SO MUCH JOY in what we do up here. I want to thank you for being here, to share that joy with us"

He admits that it's cliched, but that it's true.

I feel the same way.

There are moments I want to tear out my hair and some where I want to tear out yours. ;) Times when I think that I just want to stop. But there are just as many times when the smile on my face won't stop. Times when I am just overwhelmed by the humanity and talent on display. I feel the pride when someone tells me that they have published something that they originally wrote for Idol, or that something they wrote reconnected them with a long estranged relative, and they were able to use it to heal.

I started this a few years after my divorce. I was a single guy living with his cats over an ice cream shop. Idol was something that I decided to do to keep me occupied, to keep me going. There were times when LJ Idol kept me alive. 14 years later, it's still accomplishing that.

You, just by being there, are a part of that story. You are a part of that joy.

As I said in the congratulations, I'm coming back tomorrow to write official goodbyes to the Final 3. so you're not completely rid of me yet.

But I'm going to be taking a much needed break before launching into a new Idol experiment. Honestly, I thought I knew what I was going to do next - but something just dropped into my lap that promises to be really fun. So I have some decisions to make! :)

Thank you to our Patrons for helping keep the lights on! if you feel like throwing anything in the tip jar, that's certainly appreciated

This is a labor of love. It's a labor of joy.

I hope that, regardless of where you finished this season - be it that you were out in Week 3 or fighting to the finish in the finale that you will carry some of that joy with you.

Thank you so much for everything. I hope you know how much you being here means to me.

Dreslinski Out.
Tags: season 11, thank you
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