Kithan (kithan) wrote in therealljidol,

A few words from clauderainsrm about voting:

I love our canine friends. I love our feline friends. LJ Idol loves them too.

The fact that they can come together, here, in our forum in full agreement – wow that’s just amazing.

Dogs and cats working together for a common purpose. It gives me hope for our future.

However. They really shouldn’t be voting. Unless of course they really have been reading the entries and just happened to all come to the same conclusion… and somehow, I doubt that. I’m dumb, but not quite that naïve. Nor are we that unobservant to miss this kind of thing.*g*

Yes, I do realize that my statement comes off as highly discriminatory and that I’m sure there will be a lawsuit by PETA at any time now for violating the civil liberties of our four legged friends.

But the only animal who is allowed to vote is dragonfluff and come on, she’s a dragon! How can she NOT be allowed to vote!*G* DRAGON. Who wants to be the one to tell her "oh no you can’t vote!" Seriously. . .*g*

Every once in awhile we get a vote here and there that we have to toss, but it usually doesn’t make a difference so there isn’t anything to be gained by bothering to mention it. This time it will, and if I thought for a moment that the person receiving these votes was “in on it” they would be booted in a second. I think this is just people a little overeager to help someone they like. But if they come out like this again, they are going to cost their contestant of choice more than a few thrown out votes. Ok? Ok.

We now resume our regularly scheduled wait for the Green Room/New Topic to be posted, already in progress. . .
Tags: season 4, voting

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