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Green Room - Week 32 - Day 7

It's the last day of the competition and I was hoping to post something uplifting and "going out with a bang."

Instead, I feel that I need to address something. I usually don't like to step on anyone's personal narrative of the season. Because (1) there may be strategy involved and (2) your story is your own. But at the moment, there is a narrative that is running counter to my own, and if we are going to have competing narratives, mine is going to win. :D

Also, this is a story that keeps coming up, so I feel like it should be addressed.

The narrative is that "other social media votes" have been flooding the polls. Which, if they were - LJ allows it. So it would be perfectly fine. There are certainly a lot more of them this week, but that tends to happen with finales.

(and no, before anyone asks - no, this isn't the largest amount of votes we've ever had. I know the poll isn't closed yet, but I can't see how we would be getting anywhere close to those numbers... maybe I'll be surprised)

Now, granted, if someone wanted to say that the "other social media votes tipped the balance", that could argued. But only because the voting was so close in last few weeks.

But let's take a look though, because I feel like sharing:

Week 31: Total votes: 78 Non-LJ votes: 10. Most non-LJ votes that one individual received: 4
Week 30: Total votes: 85 Non-LJ votes: 13 Most non-LJ votes that one individual received: 5
Week 29: Total votes: 96 Non-LJ votes: 20 Most non-LJ votes that one individual received: 11
Week 28: Total votes: 72 Non-LJ votes: 9 Most non-LJ votes that one individual received: 5

In some cases the person with the most "non-LJ votes" survived. In some of the cases, they didn't.

As I said, this week is going to be higher. Because it always is. More people are paying attention. I haven't verified all the accounts yet. I'm about 2/3 of the way and most of it looks fine thus far. So I can't give you accurate numbers right now for this particular poll)

I also know that folks are pulling out the stops and asking for votes. Which is fine. Finding the ability to ask for support is something that a lot of writers struggle with. (With some, they never find the right balance - and end up alienating folx. But I'd say far more people find it difficult to open up and say "please support me." Even after all these years, I know that *I* do...)

But here's the thing, and I'm not going to say this strongly enough. So take what I say and magnify it 100x in your head:

Encourage people to read everything.

In this case, there are only 3 entries. If they can't read 3 short entries, there might be something wrong with them. :D

I also fully get that when they do, they will most likely still vote for the person they know. You put 3 books on the shelf, and someone is already familiar with, and enjoys, one of those authors, there's a great chance they are going to grab the one they already know.

Today should be about that last push, that last drive to come out the winner. But let's make this a moment also of coming together. That's what this season has been about, and let's not forgot that.

On a more personal note - make sure these people know that even though this season is ending - that Idol is continuing and that THEY can sign up in the future! Because that is where new writers come from, the people that you are exposing to the community! Which is another reason for people to come together... as an example to everyone about what this is actually about. Which is, of course, me. :D

We have votes open to everyone to grow the community. (as opposed to limiting it with a closed vote) So make sure to use this moment, and the influence you have, to grow the community. Spread the word about Idol and the growth you have experienced here.

Have a great day - and good luck to our final 3. If it's anything like the last couple of days, and votes, this is going to be crazy!!
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