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Green Room - Week 32 - Day 3

The deadline for the finalists to link their entries is tonight!

So, while we are waiting, and since I have everyone's attention (or at least potentially have their attention). I mentioned in a comment the other day that the next thing happening in the Idolverse will be a special event. Not a mini season, but something we've never done before (for adults at least. :D)

More details will be coming. But if you like what we do here, and want to see it continue, please consider becoming a Patron!

I do updates (not as often as I should) and there are various "perks" like using one of your topics in a regular season! (Which we saw come into play earlier this season!)- but when it comes to any special events or mini seasons that involve a donation, your patronage becomes a +1!

The Patron group has always been small, but very much appreciated. Considering that I know for a fact that there are folks who think my time and effort are worth nothing (and have no problem telling me that) or that this thing somehow runs itself, I know that there are a lot of folks who will never be interested in signing up. I also know that there are plenty of folks who would be interested, and want to support any way they can, but are not in a position where they could support in a financial way. I totally get it. Most of my life I've been in that position!

But if you want to, and you CAN - please consider it. It helps pay a small portion of my internet (honestly, it barely pays my LJ paid account, which allows me to test out the polls), but far more importantly, it's something I can point to as why I have to arrange my life around something I do on the internet. :D Believe me, that comes up a LOT... Idol is kind of like herding cats at times!


How are YOU doing today?
Tags: day 03, green room, season 11, week 32
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