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Green Room - Week 32 - Day 1

We've come through another close, and tough, elimination

and congratulated our Top 3

The final topic is up:

It's hard to believe that we've finally come to this place. I know there are some people saying "it's hard to believe that we FINALLY have come to this place!" :) It was almost a year ago when I launched the sign up sheet for Season 11 and people started trickling in. I ended up leaving it up for nearly a month, the longest sign up period in the history of the competition. We started with 131 contestants. Which was lower than I normally like for a regular season, but one thing that I found is that by keeping the same format (which is meant for a lot more) and reducing the number of early eliminations (because we had fewer people in general) it meant that we got more time to focus on each one of them. I think that's why people have had such a difficult time making decisions on who to eliminate this season, because they have had more time to read and truly get to experience folks. Not as many ended up falling through the cracks.

Which isn't to say that I want fewer folks to sign up. I'd never say that and if I did, I'd never truly mean it. :) I believe in Idol and I want as many people as possible to experience it! I truly believe that there is something unique, and valuable, that comes from this thing. If I didn't, I wouldn't keep doing it. I certainly wouldn't have bothered with it for over 14 years!

But I think that by making the most of it, we had an unexpected benefit. It also gave me the opportunity to respond to the consistent calls for "more time to write/read", by having some of the longest periods for those in Idol history - and *still* people said it wasn't enough time! :D

We've also gotten each other through the first part of a global pandemic and all kinds of social and economic upheavals! It's been an eventful season. I'm going to be sad to see it end, but I'm excited about what will be coming next!
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