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Results - Week 31

The person cut before the finale is always a heart-breaking result.

They were so close, but that little bit more eluded them. In this case, it ended up being decided by 2 votes.

Had he gotten to the end, viagra would have been the second person, in the history of Idol, to accomplish that without taking a bye. He received immunity once, but no other special powers were used either. He wrote every single week (except the optional introduction) for nearly a year.

Since I've mentioned that I would tell you that when each of the "top 3 in that dream that I had months ago" were eliminated - we are now officially down to only 1 of them left standing! Which is closer than I tend to get with unconscious predictions (or even conscious ones)

This is the point in the goodbye where I mention how great it was to have (insert name here) this season, and how much it meant to me to read their work. It's always true, because people showing up and having a good time is why I do this. So to have someone invest their time and effort into my baby, it does mean a lot to me.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret though - This is the 4th season he's been involved in. There was one that he was actually writing and 2 where he showed up but then kind of wandered off . That tends to happen... but after that first season, I've always hoped that he would actually show up *for real* again. In fact he's someone who has always been on my shortlist if I ever decided to do an All Star season - based on that first appearance, I felt he was someone with a lot more to offer, and just needed to be at the right place and time.

I've been a fan of his work for years, and always hoped that he would find his footing, and following, at Idol. So seeing him make it into the Top 4, and being able to read his work for as long as I have, has been a treat.

What was unexpected though was the times that I've got to see him reflect on the differences within himself from that guy who showed up in Season 6, and be able to see how much he was actually getting out this experience. My heart has been growing two sizes every week he's gotten a little bit further.

Getting to the Top 4 is impressive. But the growth that I've seen just over this last year has been amazing. Thank you viagra for sharing this part of your journey with us. It's sad to say goodbye, especially this close to the end. But I'm really glad that you showed up and kicked so much ass this season. I really hope that we will see you next time!
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