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Vote - Week 31

A few words from Gary:

One more vote.

That is what separates these four contestants from the finale of Season 11.

Or rather, it is what separates three of them from it.

Because the Jury turned in their final ballot last week, but in doing so they made an important decision.

Since they were formed, every week the Jury granted someone immunity. But contestants could only have it once and the process continued until we reached the round before the finale, or when there was no one left who was eligible, whichever came first. Most times, it’s the latter. But sometimes things work out just right and the Jury’s moves end up having an impact right up until the buzzer.

That’s the case this time. Because this is the final round that the Jury could vote, and there is only one person left who has not previously received it. (Although she was really close quite a few times over the past few months)
Congratulations to kittenboo!

Which means that the other three will be fighting it out for the other two spots!

Having read the entries, I’m glad I’m not making this decision.

Now it’s up to you though, to read, comment and vote for your favorites! Then tell your friends to do the same! (Reminder, it’s one vote per body, not per method)

Spread the word. People are doing something special here and everyone of these needs to be read and appreciated.

The poll is closing Monday, August 24th at 9pm EDT Good luck to everyone!

Poll #2104311 Week 31
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

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