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Green Room - Week 13 - Weekend Edition

Good afternoon. Hope everyone has been having a great weekend.

REALLY tight races all around this time. Which is how it should be at this point in the game in my not so humble opinion.

I did get a couple questions from folks so I'll do my best to answer them here:

"How many people are leaving this week? You said 5 and then you said 4 and I'm spinning and confused and might fall down soon."

Sorry for the confusion. There ARE 5 people leaving. However, worldofcharlie, having dropped out officially after the polls went up is the first one. So for the sake of "how many people will be eliminated on Monday?" The answer is 4.

Hopefully that makes sense to everyone. The 4 people with the lowest votes will be going home.

"Is there any rewards this week?"

Heh, noticed that did you?*G* Maybe.

"Why maybe? Are you waiting to see the results?"

Nope. *I* know what's going to happen, just like I know how the breakdown happens at 50 and every single twist after that point. Some weeks I share more information than other weeks. This is a week when you will just have to vote the way you want to vote and if there's some added "bonus" at the end, there is - if there isn't, there isn't.
Ultimately the only number that really matters (unless someone manages to break a record) is the lowest vote getters anyway.
The only time that it counts for someone to have the most votes is that final round, until then, it's nice but it's not something that's NEEDED. Unless of course, it is!!! bwahahahahaha!*G*


I was also asked about "putting my views more into the game", both by people who wanted to see more of it and people who were taken aback by it.

Last season I did a list every once in a while basically talking about my perceptions on the players left in the game. Not anything hard or fast, just some general impressions that I had and what I thought they needed to do. After all, at the end of the day there is only one expert on the game, and that's me. I'm without a doubt the biggest fan!*G*

On the other hand, running it as well, I have to be careful not to just make it "who Gary wants", which hey, if I went that direction would be legit, but really - where would be the fun... and then I'd be stuck with making that decision anyway which would be HARD...

I don't think my opinions tend to carry very much weight in the voting polls anyway. But I do have to be careful not to sway them *too* much.

That said, one of the things that I both like *and* dislike about this season is how many of you guys that I've gotten to know on a personal basis. I've mentioned not really getting to know people last season, and that certainly wasn't *their* fault. I kept more of a distance, so it was harder for everyone involved. After all, this is YOUR thing. The spotlight should ALWAYS be pointed toward you. That said, I really have enjoyed the heck out of you guys - on the flip side it just makes it that much harder to eliminate people and deal when someone has a problem with how things are playing out. Because I know, from a game standpoint, that I've played it out in my head and there isn't really anything wrong - but from a personal standpoint it's making someone I like upset and so those two things conflict...

Anyway - that wasn't the original point.*g* The point being that I've considered putting some opinions out there but wasn't sure what *the players* thought about that. Would that go too far? I'm interested in your feedback and will be using it to make my decision.
Tags: green room, season 4, week 13, weekend edition
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