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Green Room - Week 30 Day 12

The poll closes tonight:

So speak now or forever hold your peace... or at least hold it until the next vote, if the person you want to win is still in this. It's really really close, so who knows how this is going to end up going!


My cousin posted something on FB that caught my attention. Which, if you know FB at all, you know that's not going to lead anywhere good... but one of his comments to the original post struck me as noteworthy. It was about why he has a "Blue Lives Matter" license tag.

"What people don't realize is that it's gotten me out of at least 4 speeding tickets"

I've heard that before. Before "Blue Lives Matter" it's heard it as a reason why people donated to the Fraternal Order of the Police, to get the sticker, so that cops would take it easy on them.

It wasn't until I read that yesterday though, that it really hit me - that people honestly believe that you need to flatter, and in some cases, bribe a police officer. That you can, in the case of my cousin, be committing an actual crime (speeding) and get away with it. He made it sound like it was a good thing. But to me, that seems to be exposing the root of the very real problem that needs to be addressed.

The LEOs that I work with are all really nice and, from what I can tell, good at their jobs. I'd really hope that they wouldn't let someone off easy just because of this kind of thing. But I've also seen it happen before... so yeah, they very well could be doing that as well.
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