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Green Room - Week 30 - Weekend Edition Part 2

I've spent my weekend reorganizing the house and moving my temporary desk from the dining room table to an actual desk in the office/guest room. Which means a lot of sorting through stuff/finding things that I had completely forgot existed and trips to the Goodwill.

Oh, and reading entries:

At least the reading entries part of it was fun!


Speaking of the entries, people were confused that they weren't all separate categories, each in their own poll. That's been done before, and yes, I did consider doing it that way this time. But you were expecting that. :)

Also, I like to think of a portfolio as a single item. You are curating your work for someone to flip through. Honestly, in the future (if I remember it, someone remind me of this next time :D) I may require an additional cover letter/framing device to serve as the introduction to the work. Why certain pieces were selected, what it was about the Champion that you admire, that sort of thing. I think it would tie the concept together a little tighter than it has in the past.


What have you been up to this weekend?
Tags: green room, part two, season 11, week 30, weekend edition
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