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Normally I'd be talking about "bye outs", but in this case it's saying goodbye to a couple of people.

sushimustwrite, the holder of this season's vote record decided to step out of things in order to concentrate on real life. She's more likely than not going to stick around, so I'm really happy about that aspect at least.

worldofcharlie... oh, what can I say about Charlie?

He stepped out in order to save someone from elimination.

The first time I saw him around the Green Room I thought I was going to BLOODY HATE him. Ok, maybe not "hate" but I thought for sure I was going to be annoyed. I'll admit it. Why? Looking back I'm not sure. Maybe the "bloody this" and the "bloody that". . . and then I heard the term "headmate" and thought "hmmm... really?" I'll admit it. It's not something I'm proud about, but I wasn't sure what to think of him.

Now that he's going I'll come out and say it though - Charlie is one hell of a guy. Completely won me over. I'm not going to say he was the strongest writer in the competition. He'd know I was lying, but damnit if he wasn't one of the nicest people who participated this or any other season.
Goodbye Charlie! Thank you for playing, and thank you for taking the time to prove me so very wrong!
Tags: eliminations, goodbyes, season 4, week 13
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