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Green Room - Week 29 - Weekend Edition

There is a new/old topic:
and a Work Room:

But what a lot of people are still talking about it last night's results:

The last few weeks have reset the board. Or at least a lot of people's expectations on what the end game was going to look like.

But people have been asking me (3 in the last 24 hours and a couple more over the last 48 or so) who I think is going to be win this season.

The simple and most honest answer - me. I am going to win this season. Because I'm going to get a great new winner out of it. I will also be entertained. There is little downside for me over these next few weeks.

The more polite answer - any one of the 6 has a really good shot.

The candid answer - if I put a name out there, it's likely that person would be going home next week. In which case, feel free to pretend that said someone's name. :) Or, if they didn't and somehow they ended up winning, then people would be all conspiracy theory. There's a reason why I vote for everyone. Multiple reasons actually. But that's one of them, so I don't have to pick.

But for those curious, of my original "head picks" - the ones who I thought early on had a really good chance to take this, only 1 is left. Of my original "heart picks" - where I just felt "it's their time", none are left.

Others have grown into those spots and I have created various scenarios in my head, trying to map out what I think is going to happen next... which is interesting, but completely academic, since those rarely meet with the reality of a moving and evolving situation.

The *fun* one though - if you remember many weeks ago I had a dream about the final three. I believe I said that it was an "unexpected" group but that in the dream I was delighted by it...I said that I would let you know when I started losing them, since there was no way it was actually going to happen. But I haven't kept you updated as I've lost them - because all three of those people are still in the competition! Was it prophecy? Was my brain working on a puzzle and just happened on the right combination? Are these the next three people who are going to be eliminated? Who knows! But it is going to be fun to see!


What are YOU doing this weekend?
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