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Green Room - Week 27 - Day 4

Good Morning from home! The internet is back!!!

I guess I can stop cleaning the garage after work now and get back to productive things like watching TV!

The links you want: The Topic -

The Work Room:


The link you didn't know you wanted: Related to yesterday's conversation about niblings. (I'm now wondering if that is why it came up, or if it was coincidence that it was trending)

Which just helps verify that people are complex and for every person who likes something, there are going to be two who don't... and another one who will be angry at those two people. :D

I've also been reading about the allegations about Warren Ellis.

I haven't talked to Warren since before the board in question was set up. This is before he got "famous" (to the extent that he's well known in a corner of the comics fandom) But I used to talk to him, and he also gave me writing advice. At no point did he ever ask me to send him any naked pictures. So apparently it's not something he asks of guys, but for "some reason" thought it was OK to ask women for them...

I only have "fame" in the smallest corner of a defunct part of the internet - and yes, I HAVE had female contestants over the years tell me that they were interested. (most of them pre-Cynthia) You know what I did? I let them know that I was flattered but that wasn't why I was showing an interest in them or their work. Then I changed the subject to get it back on topic. The only contestants I've ever been involved with were someone that I dated long distance for a year or so after she was a contestant and my ex-wife. (who was a contestant after we were divorced, so my involvement with her was previous to my starting Idol)

I do get that fame can be complicated and that there is a culture around the idea that men get famous in order to improve their chances of having sex. But those are clearly things that need to reexamined, and changed.

It also makes me think of the beloved LJ figure and science fiction/fantasy writer who went through a period when he was "depressed" and was sending women pictures of his penis. Most of them accepted his apology (including that ex-girlfriend of mine) when he was confronted about it. But clearly some people should never have "fame." People are flawed, but "certain behaviors" have been ignored for far too long. It's NOT how "all guys are", and the idea that it is has helped keep that culture going...

I, on the other hand, am more than willing to accept more of it. I will use it solely to crush my enemies - once that it done, I will make more enemies, so I can crush them as well.
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