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Green Room - Week 26 - Day 13

Every morning, I move the dog's bed so that she can sit in front of the window and look outside while I work.

It usually takes about an hour before the cat has kicked her out of it.

Yes, my cat is a bully.

It's difficult to admit that clearly my parenting efforts have failed to teach this cat right from wrong, that I've failed to teach her respect for other people's property. Then again, she's a cat. I'm pretty sure she thinks "other people's property" is some sort of myth. Like unicorns or basic human rights.

Did you have a weekend?

None of your business

What should the new Washington football franchise be named?


The deadline for everyone to get in their votes is TONIGHT.

That means Gatekeepers. That means Jury members. That means current contestants.

Everyone who has a vote needs to get their vote in by tonight.

And it's CLOSE. I have a general idea of one person who appears to be making it through. That's not a "oh, they are ahead on both polls", it's more that they are doing OK in those polls *and* currently have the most votes for immunity from the Jury. Which doesn't mean that it will stay that way. But I'm thinking the momentum isn't going to change enough in *all three polls* to eliminate them. Maybe one or two... but if I were placing odds, that person would be going through. With that said, I can't say the same about any of the 13 others. So make sure to get your votes in!!!
Tags: day 13, green room, season 11, week 26
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