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Kathrynrose Spirit of LJ Idol Winner - Season 11

When you think of Season 11, you probably think "it came down to a single vote."

Because that has been what has marked so many of our weeks over the course of the last few months.

The Spirit Award was no different.

Until that final vote came in, I was actually trying to figure out what I would do in case of a tie.

But that last vote DID come in, and the person who was ultimately judged to be the Spirit of the Season, the person who embodies not only what this season is about, but what LJ Idol is about... and oh yeah, the winner of a $50 Amazon gift card from the friends of kathrynrose

congratulations to


When I came up with the Spirit of LJ Idol award in Season 2, it was a way for people to celebrate one of their own. A prize completely separate from winning the game - awarded by their peers.

After Kate passed away, seeing how the community had been there for her over the years, and how she had been there for them, it only made sense to name this after her.

There are 14 years of Spirits, each with their own unique legacy on the community. Welcome to that club karmasoup.
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