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Green Room - Week 26 - Day 2

I saw someone respond to a post with a meme that stated "The dumbest comment on the internet today belongs to YOU."

I'll admit, I was pretty jealous. I've said a lot of stupid things on the internet, but I've never said THE WORST/dumbest/most ignorant thing on the internet. Or, if I have, I've never been rewarded with it.

I think I would print it out and frame it so that I could remember what those 15 minutes of fame were like. The internet has a ton of comments, to be called out by what I assume is a panel of experts, for a noteworthy achievement like that must be a dream come true.

One day, perhaps, if I keep trying hard enough - I will achieve my goal. But until then, I have to just enjoy that I'm posting what is clearly the worst Green Room of the day. Also the best.

You have work to do, so I hope you are busy -
You have a new topic: and the Work Room that goes with it to bounce around ideas:

There is also the Spirit Award: I received a rush of ballots the first day, but since then it's dropped off. Remember, if you were a contestant at any point during Season 11, you are eligible to vote! It's a great way of honoring the people who made this season special for you!
Tags: day 02, green room, season 11, week 26
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