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Season 11 Kathrynrose Spirit of Idol Award

Every year since Season 2 we've had something called "The Spirit of Idol."

The original intent of this was for contestants to award one of their own. Not a "who should win", but rather "Who makes this a better place? Who among all of the contestants is the person that makes you go 'THAT is what Season 11 is all about."

It's a way to say Thank You.

Kathrynrose was all about Idol. She is someone who got a lot out of it. Not just the writing. But the friendships. I'm not talking about "We talk sometimes" friendships - these became the people who organized her funeral and helped find homes for her cats. I've always said that you get what you put into Idol, and she put in her whole self, year after year.

Which is why after we lost her, that I asked some of her best Idol friends, if it would be OK to name the Spirit Award after her. They were kind enough to say "Yes."

Which brings us to now, Season 11 - send me your top 3 choices of contestants from this season (Not just who is currently still in it, but anyone who signed up) who made an impression on you. I'm looking for people who have made a difference in your Idol experience, who you think are the embodiment of what this season has meant to you.

If you are - or were - a Season 11 contestant, send the list to me by Monday, July 6th at 7pm EDT (make sure to let me know your user name, just in case I don't know it off the top of my head)

Thank you to all of you for making this season special.
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