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Green Room - Week 25 - Day 6

It's closing time for Week 25. The poll closes tonight and two more folks will wander off to join the Jury

From the lowest amount of votes (of the non-sacrifices), to the highest - there is currently a *6 vote gap*.

In practical terms, as someone who has observed these polls for the past 14 years - 6 vote leads are far from sure things. I've seen people with far bigger leads than that end up going home. We get at least double that number in the last couple of hours, on a slow week! :)

That means literally anyone could be going this week. Which is tense, and exciting - and honestly, with this field, it's how it should be. It's a tough decision for people to make, and someone really talented is going to be sent home.


I went to Publix (the local grocery store) for the first time since the new countywide mask requirement went into place. What a HUGE difference!

Granted, the policy was just put in place, but folks were actually acting like they were taking this seriously. Well, most of them... but everyone was at least in a mask.

Unlike prior attempts, the county is now holding business owners responsible for their customers wearing masks. So where before you would see a "We can't do anything about it" approach from a lot of these places - you are now seeing managers at the doors making sure everyone is wearing one.

Of course, my area is one where the number of cases is skyrocketing. Obviously, in places where that's not the case, they don't need to resort to those rules... it's not an one-size fits all situation and it doesn't have an one-size fits all solution.

But masks, and social distancing, are definitely ways to help keep things open - while keeping people safe.
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