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Work Room - Week 25

The results are in:

and there is a new topic:

There is no finding a partner this week, so that means this isn't going to be as busy.

I typed a bunch of stuff about voting, and how conversations repeat over the course of 14 years... but then deleted it. Because honestly I was just venting. Sometimes it's better to just vent and then delete. :)

What I'm NOT going to delete is that there are 16 of you, and only 1 winner. So if you haven't started looking at the path forward, it's going to be interesting to see how you are going to get there!

With the people left standing, this is going to be an epic showdown.

I will admit that I've recently had a Top 3 dream. These dreams are almost always wrong. But it was a cool, and "unexpected" combination. So now I'm trying to see how it's possible for them to make it. (as they are eliminated, I'll let you know - if someone reminds me. If somehow all of them get to the finals... I'll mention it then as well. But again, someone needs to remind me!)

Who are YOUR Top 3? Anyone brave enough to say?
Tags: season 11, week 25, work room

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