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Green Room - Week 24 - Day 10

The poll closes tonight -

Will your dreams close with it?

I guess that might happen, but only if the only dream you have is winning Season 11. Which, let's face it, is the only dream really worth having.

All of those other life goals are pretty stupid in comparison.


I should just put "people freaking out over non-LJ accounts" on the schedule. Because it always ends up happening. I can count on one hand the number of times "non-LJ accounts" have had any significant impact on a result. The one account that was misused last week - that was a Livejournal account. I just want to make sure that is cleared up because there is a lot of speculation. Of the 57 votes that have been cast, of the time that I'm writing this, there are 4 non-LJ accounts. 3 of them are regular voters (who used to be a part of Idol but no longer use their Livejournals.)

I'll admit, that when LJ announced that they were opening up to other social media, I was upset. I did not like it. I worried about the impact it would have on the competition. But the damage that move did wasn't from the direction I was expecting. I thought we *would* be getting a lot of non-LJ votes from people spamming the process. Which didn't happen.

What DID happen is that more people started to isolate their social media and pull back further. Which meant fewer people promoting Idol and telling their friends about it. Which meant that Idol itself ended up shrinking. Same amount of work for me (although fewer problems/conflicts, which is nice) but fewer people being involved overall. More people pulled back from Livejournal altogether because of that, and other LJ policies, and started using those other platforms. (as was discussed in comments elsewhere, it led to people who used to write paragraphs about their feelings to become people who write a sentence about their dinner) It makes sense for people to not want those two worlds linked - and the more social media becomes links, the more difficult it is to maintain that barrier.

Which remains, for me, a challenge for the future - how to keep people coming back while still gaining new people and shaking things up so it's not the same thing happening season after season... *to me* (who is the person who sees the votes and so knows the actual differences between community only/public votes) that's the real problem - bringing in new readers and turning them into the next generation of contestants. The more people who show up, the more people to read and comment on your entries! So, absolutely, when you can mention what we have going on in this long forgotten corner of the internet to other people - please do!
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