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Green Room - Week 22 - Day 14

Good afternoon.

There is a Sudden Death Write Off (Round 2) happening right now, so make sure to get in your vote and make your voice be heard on who will be moving forward:

Some time today we are going to hit 100,000 dead in the United States. The numbers have been slowing down. But there are also reports in my own state that the numbers aren't accurate, and of course there have been folks saying that the numbers aren't real in the first place. But the "somewhere in the middle" answer, the official one that is being put out there in a non-partisan way, is just under 100,000. Which means, even if the death toll today is as small as it has been reported for the last couple of days, that we are going to tip over that mark. Maybe while you are reading this. Perhaps while I'm writing it.

And it's a huge number, but don't forget that there is a total of over 346,000 people dead worldwide. I'd much rather those people were alive and participating in Idol. Next time someone suggests having a pandemic, someone needs to point out that they can suffer just as much by being in Idol and they should do that instead.

*nods to self* Yeah, I think that's a better plan.

But until we get to that, it's not just a matter of "how we got here", but rather "how we are going to work together to get out" and "how do we stop it from happening again." Not COVID19, because despite numbers going on right now, even the biggest "open everything up right now!" folks admit that there's a good chance it's going to come back twice as strong in the Fall... we, as a country, as a world community, need to get our act together.

And it needs to be sooner rather than later...


Now to transition all the way back - barring anything unforeseen and/or insane - the new topic will be up tonight. I hope that those of you who have been sitting on the sidelines since the main poll closed on Week 22 have been using this time to refresh. Did you end up doing anything fun?
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