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Vote - Week 22 - Sudden Death Write Off, Round 2

A few words from Gary:

We gathered here together as the Week 22 poll was posted, to determine who was moving forward. That ended in an 8 way tie.

So we had a tie-breaker.

That ended in a tie as well.

So now we are here for a final one-on-one match up.

One writer moves forward. One writer joins the Jury.

The poll closes Tuesday, May 26th at 9pm EDT and yes, it’s community members only. Which means that only folks who sign up on Livejournal and join the LJ Idol community can participate. Which should make things a little more interesting.
So make sure to read, comment and vote for your favorites! Then tell your friends to do the same!

Good luck to everyone!

Poll #2101967 Week 22, Sudden Death Write Off. Round Two
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

Tags: round two, season 11, sudden death write off, voting, week 22
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