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Vote - Week 22 - Sudden Death Write Off

A few words from Gary:

I was just looking back over the last few months and saw that “LJ Idol: Homecoming” banner that was used to promote this season. It seems like something out of a different time and place. There was just so much hope and optimism in that moment. I remember coming up with the idea, and then approaching Sammy-Jo to make it and seeing it for the first time… it was really special.

Right now, right now doesn’t feel very special. The time and place we inhabit is much different than anyone would have predicted back then. But we move forward. We move forward because we can, and because if we don’t, then we are just standing in one place, and that would look ridiculous.

This moment in time is a Write Off, 22 weeks into decisions that get more difficult the deeper into the trenches we get. Two contestants were supposed to go yesterday, but there was an 8 way tie. Which means that there is a show down, 8 people enter, only 6 leave.

Unfortunately, only 7 entered. Which means that it’s time to say goodbye to lost_nepenthe. I hate saying goodbye to anyone like that. Missing the deadline isn’t dying gloriously in battle. It’s tripping over your sword and impaling yourself. But it’s still a death, and still is mourned, especially after getting this far, after such a long and epic journey. Thank you so much for signing up this season, and for sharing your writing with us - and of course, thanks in advance for being a part of the Jury that will decide how this season is going to play out!

The only good news in all of this is that it means we will only be losing 1 contestant in this Sudden Death Write Off. Which is still sad. But only half as sad as it would be otherwise!

Given the time, I’m going to extend the poll to the following day (making it longer than 24 hours). So this poll will be closing Sunday, May 24th at 7pm EDT Good luck to everyone!

Poll #2101872 Week 22, Sudden Death Write Off
This poll is closed.

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