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Results - Week 21 Write Off

About an hour before the deadline, I had to go to the store. It was a quick run in, run out and we'd be back before I had to log on and hit "close poll."

Except of course it didn't work out like that, and as it got close to 8, I was busy figuring out how to log in from my phone. (I know a lot of you do that on a regular basis, but I don't) LJ, being LJ, was giving me problems almost up to the buzzer, but finally let me in. I was able to close the poll in time and get what I needed done. But I didn't have time to really take a good hard look at the results I had finalized, and it definitely didn't sink in. Not until I opened it back up on my computer when I got home.

Which is a long way of saying, it was a bit of a shock and it took awhile to really wrap my head around what had just happened.

We are saying goodbye to 3 people tonight. 1 was a sacrifice. We knew about that coming in, but the other two I was shocked when they ended up being in the Write Off in the first place... and to see them going now... yeah. I'm surprised. There is definitely a world where I could see how 3 of them in the Top 10. Potentially the Top 3 depending on which way the ball bounced, but tonight it bounced the wrong way and we are losing some legends, including the two people with the most weeks survived under their belt. (of course, going out together means that they stay within the same striking distance of each other!)

Goodbye (and of course, welcome to the Jury) to
and roina_arwen (who, I have to say, went out on one of my favorite entries from her in awhile. They are all usually good, but this one really got to me)

Thank you to all three of you for coming out this season, and making it special.
Tags: eliminations, season 11, sudden death write off, week 21
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