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Green Room - Week 20 - Day 8

The poll is still up:

So make sure to vote to keep your favorites in the hunt. But not The Hunt. Because that's a movie. Unless of course they happened to be in that movie. But I'm pretty sure they weren't.


I just heard that the official date to start phasing people back at my job is May 19th. Not the entire department, and it's going to be half work from home and half going into the office (when the other half of the department isn't there). Honestly, it's going to be awful for me being on the bus, having to transport my laptop back and forth... (Hmmm... maybe I can ask for extra monitors to have at work and just keep these ones here... sorry, thinking out loud).

And of course there was a story today in the news about an infected bus driver - two of the routes they drive are the ones that I would be taking everyday. The ones that I took every day until they moved us to working from home. So - yay!

(That also means that I know the driver, there are only 2 drivers that I'm aware of that rotated those two routes, unless they put someone else on them in the last month or so... One of them was really nice, so I hope it's not her. The other one I have no strong feelings about one way or the other, so while I hope he's OK, it's not as strongly as I'm hoping that the one that I like is OK. :D)
Tags: day 08, green room, season 11, week 20

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