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Green Room - Week 19 - Day 8

The poll closes tonight:

So make sure your voice is heard!


I was asked the other day about my theories/predictions/hopes of how this season will play out.

I have a couple different theories at this point. One based on numbers and one based on gut instinct. The great thing is that ultimately, the only thing that is going to matter is how the voters decide this will play out! What I think, or even want, doesn't play into it!

Predictions - those are a little more difficult, since there are so many different factors at play. I have no actual official prediction about how this is going to play out.

Hopes? That is far easier. I hope that it's a great winner. I hope that it's someone who will continue to be a part of the Idol community for years to come, but also someone who will go out and truly be an Idol, making us proud with all of their accomplishments. (and of course continuing to promote the group and give back!)

I also hope that it will be a good, and compelling story to get there. Something worth people's attention - not just to the writing itself (which is always worthwhile), but "Wow! I'm really glad that (insert person's name here) won!"

I think there's 27 of those potential stories happening right now. I hope that whatever the best one ends up being is the one that comes out on top in the end!
Tags: day 08, green room, season 11, week 19
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