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Results - Week 18 Last Chance

There was just one chance to get back into the competition. 6 people entered. Only 3 were coming out.

Of course, being Idol, that of course means that something went wrong with that plan. :D

So I asked Cynthia for advice.

More on that in a moment.

Because for now, I have to say goodbye to a couple awesome writers, and people. I can't believe we are losing you so early. But then again, I guess this isn't exactly "early", it's just earlier than I thought you would be going. Especially for a second time.

Goodbye, and thank you for everything to


Which means that it is congratulations to me_sonrei and xlovebecomesher

But there is still the matter of the other two competitors, and what advice Cynthia gave me.

I explained the situation. Her response? "Make them fight it out!"

"Really? OK. I will..."

"Wait... explain that to me again."

and so I did. Once we went over it one more time she changed her mind and said that I should let them both through.

So, I am taking the advice of the better nature of my wife, and not the hammer of justice version. :)

Congratulations to favoritebean and marlawentmad. You have made it back into the competition!
Tags: eliminations, season 11, second chance, week 18
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