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Results - Week 17 and Second Chance Week 5

Time has stopped having meaning to a lot of people.

But this is one of those times when it does actually matter. Because it's time to say goodbye to some people.

Fortunately, the bulk of who we are saying goodbye to are folks with the opportunity to go into Second Chance. But, as the previous weeks have taught us, especially this last one, having the opportunity to go into Second Chance isn't the same as actually going there. So this might be the last we see of these folks. But hopefully not. Hopefully they will be able to hang in there and fight for their shot to get back into the game. Because it's coming soon.

Results were super tight right up until the end. So this season really could end up going in any direction, at any moment. Which is exciting, but also nerve-wrecking.

So, it's "goodbye for now" and "Welcome to Second Chance" to
beeker121 (who actually fell on her sword, so I think SC is unlikely, but it's still an option!!)
and sunouttomorrow

Unfortunately though, we are also saying goodbye to one person from Second Chance - and there is no third chance...

Which means it's goodbye from the competition, but hopefully not from hanging out with us this season, to i_love_freddie

Thank you so much for sticking with it, even in these difficult times!
Tags: eliminations, season 11, second chance, week 17, week 5
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