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Vote - Week 15 - Sudden Death Write Off

A few words from Gary:

I’m not going to lie. There was a part of me that was hoping that someone would fall down during this process, just turn in something that wasn’t all that great and make it an easier decision.

Fortunately for you - they didn’t.

This is going to be a rough one.

8 contestants enter. 4 contestants go back into the main competition. The other 4 go to whatever it is that exists outside of Idol. (I assume it’s Oblivion)

Because this is such a big decision, I’m giving you more time to make it. So read, comment and vote for your favorites! Then make sure to tell your friends to do the same! Spread the word!

The poll is open to everyone and closes Monday, March 9th at 8pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

Poll #2099628 Sudden Death Write Off - Week 15
This poll is closed.

The Ballot: The Ballot

Tags: season 11, sudden death write off, voting, week 15

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