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Results - Week 13 and SC Week 1

This was supposed to be two different posts, over two different days.

But apparently my body didn't get that memo.

My apologies for that.

Which is going to impact the schedule a little. Not sorry about that. ;)

Eliminations are never "good news", but when you are eliminated from the main competition, you automatically become part of Second Chance. So the first part of this announcement isn't a "goodbye", it's a "We will see you over there!"

The 3 contestants who will be moving to Second Chance are

estelle, nikkiii_brown and topaznebula

With the quality of writing coming from these three on a weekly basis, Second Chance just got more difficult. (and will continue to be so every week until the survivor(s) re-enters the game!)


Speaking of Second Chances, that is the ice dagger tucked into the rainbow blanket of comfort. With people moving into the neighborhood, we also have folks saying goodbye.

2 writers are leaving Second Chance, but hopefully will continue to Home Game and have their presence here as they continue to interact with their fellow writers, and root for their personal favorites left in the competition!

Goodbye to
kristalsawesome and minikin

Thank you so much for both of you to not just show up to take part in this weird experiment we call "LJ Idol" but to come back and try it a second time in the same season! That means a great deal.
Tags: eliminations, season 11, second chance, week 1, week 13
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