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Vote - Week 11 - Topic 2

Good evening,

It's time for the vote on Topic 2 of Week 11.

As I said in the poll post for Topic 1 the scores of these two votes will be added together to determine who will eliminated.

The vote for Topic 2 is CONTESTANT ONLY. Which means that if you are a current contestant, you will need to send your votes to me via email -

Please indicate your own username on your vote, even if you think that I should know it. :)

If you are wondering "Am I a current contestant?", that's simple, if there was a visible poll this week, would your name be on it? If so, then you are a current contestant. If not, then no.

We ARE losing someone before this vote. She will still be a part of the Topic 1 poll. But as of Topic 2, she has been eliminated. Goodbye to someone that I thought was going to fight her way quite a bit further into the competition - minikin. Hopefully this means she is going to be fighting her way back into the fray as part of Second Chance!

This poll closes the same time as the Topic 1 poll: Sunday, Jan 26th at 8pm EST.

The entries are over here:

So make sure to read, comment and vote for your favorites!

Good luck to everyone!
Tags: contestant only, season 11, topic, vote, week 11
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