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Green Room - Week 11 - Day 11

I asked someone to fill in to post Green Rooms every couple of days while I was gone. I'm really sorry that it didn't end up happening. Apparently, good (free) help is hard to find!

Hopefully you were too busy writing to notice. ;)


There were two topics - the first one needs to be linked at: and the second one at

Although from the looks of things, people are waiting until the last day to post, which is TOMORROW.


New Orleans was great, of course.

It's funny because it felt like we went all over the place. But it was really just to the French Quarter and the surrounding districts.

One of the many highlights was at the wedding itself. (We went for my cousin-in-law's wedding), which took place in Jackson Square.

Which meant that there were plenty of spectators and assorted street performers just milling about, including a creepy clown/jester, who did the classic slow walk/intense stare all the way around the perimeter while the wedding took place. I'm pretty sure the guests got more video/photos of him than they did that part of the actual ceremony!
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