clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 10 - Day 7

I was having a great time at Disney.

It was a chilly Sunday morning. But I had on a nice warm jacket.

I hadn't been to the parks in quite some time and a lot had changed, so I was having fun exploring.

All the lines were all really short because it was the off-season. So I was getting on pretty much everything I wanted to ride.

For some reason the alarm on my phone started going off. Maybe I had set it to wake me up that morning, to make sure that I had gotten an early start... but man, I'd been in the parks for hours, so I'm really glad I wasn't just now waking up!

So I shut it off and went back to having fun.

About an hour or so later, Cynthia's alarm starts going off... why would she be setting an alarm... it's Sunday, we're at Disney... why... oh man. I'm in bed. Well, that's OK, it's the weekend and... nope, it's Tuesday. It's Tuesday morning and I'm now waking up an hour late to go to work!


How is YOUR day going?


The poll is still out there, and it's going to be determining how your week is going to end.
Tags: day 07, green room, season 11, week 10

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