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Gold Stars - Week 11

I usually post these earlier in the day, but I ran out of time.

People have asked "What are Gold Stars"? It's my way of giving a public pat on the back to people that I think have made a difference in the competition. This past week we saw how much of a difference that could make as 6 people were spared a run-off just because they did enough of the right thing at the right time.

Why do I have them? Because ultimately, I just have one vote and I pretty much vote for everyone. But by giving out these awards I can at least spotlight people that I think need a little extra attention. They might not have the friends lists that others have (some do, some don't), and it has nothing to do with what I thought of their entry that week... I do tend to like their writing as a rule, but it's not what dicates who gets a Gold Star.

It's completely and utterly a civic pride issue, giving an extra boost to someone who has stood out to me, and making sure that everyone else takes notice as well.

I give out 1 Gold Star per 10 contestants. Which is why the first time there were 15. Which is why this time there are 7.

That also means that every week that goes by it will be harder and harder to get them, especially since I DO try to spread them around. (and as previously noted, people on my friends list actually have a *harder* time getting them, because I try to pick them last since I'm used to them which means they have to work harder to get my attention.*g*)

That said, the people receiving Gold Stars this week are:

Tags: gold star, season 4, week 11
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