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Green Room - Week 8 - Day 1

We had some business that took place last night -
A New Topic:
and a new Work Room:

There is also the offer to let you know how well you did (in general terms) by sending an email to

I think the emails I have received thus far pretty much define what an interesting and "different" season this is - the precedent is that I get emails from those who did really well first, followed by a couple folks who did OK. On occasion, I get a request from someone who was at the bottom of the pack. But that's pretty rare.

This time? Two of the first four emails were from people toward the bottom and I haven't heard from the majority of those on top. I don't think that means anything at all, other than patterns shifting. But it's interesting to me to see when those sorts of things happen.


Some quick asides before getting to the "news" of the day:

- for Thanksgiving I tried Tofurky for the first time. It was the roast version. Don't let anyone tell you this tastes like turkey. They are liars. Or perhaps do not know what turkey tastes like. It was actually pretty good with the gravy that comes with it. But it tastes a lot closer to pork loin. I've been finding that's true of a lot of meat substitutes - they don't taste like what they are "supposed" to be replacing. They taste like a different kind of meat.

- We went to "the World's Largest Food Truck Rally" this weekend. (at least it was going for the record, I didn't hear if it made it or not. There were over 200 trucks though) The one that I was most excited about was an African food truck. When I finally found it, I realized that over half of the menu happened to be vegan. (it was listed as being such). So despite considering the event as a special thing, and my exception, I ended up eating vegan anyway! :O Seriously, someone go back and find my 2010 self and warn him! ;) Or actually, don't. Because he might panic and run - and he really needs to meet Cynthia. He has no idea how great life is about to get.

- I also ended up watching a few movies (thanks to discounts and Netflix): Knives Out, The Irishman and I finally got to see Toy Story 4! All of them really good, in different ways.


Which brings me to the "news". Not sure if this is good news, bad news or something in between. I'm guessing most people will be happy to hear it - I'm bending.

I wasn't going to do. But as is becoming a trend in my advanced age, I'm actually going to listen to something folks keep asking about.

Folks asked for the season started and I said "No". I said it, and I meant it. Folks kept asking and I said "We will see."

But I have (at last count) 5 emails from other people asking about it as well... during the mini season I broke tradition and offered a chance for folks to "make an in-game purchase". (to use a video game term).

It was $5 for a "Golden Ticket bye" that could be used by yourself, or transferred to another person. Limit two per person. I know the next month is going to be rough for a lot of people, so I'm throwing the option out there again. Again, this was last mini season, but the majority of folks (who made that purchase) used them to help someone else out.

Standard byes are good until the Top 50. Golden Tickets are going to good until the Top 40.

They will be available from now until December 23rd via PayPal. (again, my address is - remember to mark it as a Golden Ticket Bye)
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