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Results - Week 7

People love to watch polls. They like to watch the numbers shift over the course of a couple days. All I can tell you is that watching this particular poll was pretty amazing.

One contestant rushed out to an early lead to the point that I thought they were going to run away with it. They ended up in the middle of the pack.

Usually there are a handful of folks at the top of any given poll. But true to form for this season, it ended up being a bunch of them. If this season were to play out the way this single poll did, we are in for a wild ride and a really tight finish!

Before I get to the business of eliminating folks, there is still the matter of officially handling the bye-outs from this week.

Leaving us are: ramblingraccoon and yuniebaby.

In addition to those though, there were scheduled to be 3 people leaving this week. Unfortunately, that is not how it ended up working out.

We are losing 4 - and none of them from the poll.

There were 4 people who fell on their swords this week as sacrifices.

Which means we are saying goodbye to 4 big names among the Idol veteran community:
and uselesstinrelic

You will be missed.

I hope that we will see you in the Home Game, and when Second Chance opens up that you will be there fighting for your chance to get back into the competition.

As usual, for those wondering how they did - I will not give specific numbers, but if you contact me at I will let you know if you were the Low, Middle or High ranges.
Tags: eliminations, season 11, week 7
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