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Vote - Week 7

The topic was feckless, but this week's entries are not.

By now, you are used to the poll. You show up. You read the entries and then you click the pretty boxes.

But not all votes go like that.

Some of them are CONTESTANT ONLY votes. When are say "some of them" what I mean is that *this vote* is contestant only.

For those who have never encountered this before, I'll fill you in:

Go to

Read the entries. Comment on them. Make a list of those you want to support - then send that list to byy Sunday, December 1st at 8pm EST

You can vote for as many contestants as you want to support.

Who can vote? Current contestants. If you have a doubt if you are a current contestant, ask yourself "Would my username be in the poll this week?" If so, you are a current contestant. If not, then you are not.

I will be eliminating those who byed out at *the end of the poll*. So they can still vote. If they want to get something in, they can. I'm feeling generous. But if they do, then they are subject to the vote. (But the possibility of being voted out is better than the sure thing of being voted out)

The three contestants with entries that receive the fewest votes will be eliminated.

Good luck to everyone.
Tags: contestant only, season 11, voting, week 7
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