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The Luna

In the conversation about who was getting closer to 200, it occurred to me that I had not made an important post.

Both of them crossed this a couple weeks ago and had not been publicly acknowledged, and I think it's important to do so.

We celebrate our traditions. Some of them arbitrary. Some of them are not.

An example of the first one is the 100 Week Club. It's based on an episode of Survivor which noted the first contestant (Parvati) to have survived 100 days in the game. Which caused me to go back and start counting on people who I thought were close to having survived 100 WEEKS in LJ Idol.

The very first person to cross that line was imafarmgirl.

the second was agirlnamedluna

We recently passed the 5 year mark from the day that Luna, that Nath, passed away. She died as she lived - at the computer. It was a deadline night and she was always one of the last people to post an entry. She liked making me sweat. :)

Her entry that night was never finished and never posted.

Her death prevented her from raising her daughter, from being with the people she loved and a lifetime of accomplishments she might have achieved.

She died having reached the mark of 159 weeks of Idol survived. She was the very first person to cross the 150 mark by a mile, and there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that in the 5 years that have passed, had she survived, she would have zoomed past the 200 mark by now.

She was, and is, a legend.

That being said, the 159 mark is a special one to me, and to Idol itself. It is a mark of the highest distinction - to have reached a the place where Luna will remain forever in Idol history.

roina_arwen reached it during our last mini season, becoming the first ever contestant to break that barrier.

Today we are honoring two more. As I said, I should have honored them a couple weeks ago.

Please join me in recognizing the two recent additions to the Luna Club:

emo_snal and halfshellvenus!
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