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Results - Week 6

It's a sad time. And yet, there is also some happiness as well.

That happiness will have to wait for another post though.

Because right now it's all about the sadness.

We are losing two huge figures in Idoldom. Which just continues to prove just how tough this season has been so far, and is gearing up to become.

From Tribe 1, there was a sacrifice, which prevented another sudden death write off from occurring. We are losing the always great kickthehobbit, throwing herself on the sword of real life.

From Tribe 2, the person we are losing is actually one of my personal favorite contestants. With a lot of folks, I have a pretty good idea of what is coming next. With him? It's never going to be dull, and always going to be worth my time reading. This week though, the bell it tolled for tijuanagringo.

Thank you both for coming out this season. I hope that we will continue to see you Home Game, and when the time comes - that you will be fighting your way back into the game via Second Chance!
Tags: eliminations, season 11, week 6
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