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Green Room - Week 6 - Day 7

I was out sick yesterday. Well, less "sick" and more dealing with the doctor's office. Having an ear infection is a lot of fun!


There is a poll happening right now:


There is also a hearing. Is anyone else watching it? I wish there were more questions and less grandstanding from both sides. This is a serious moment and I don't think it serves anyone to just be playing for the cameras. It's definitely a downside of public hearings.


One GOOD thing that happened today is that I went into work and found out that the internet was down. Which meant that we were able to attend the National Adoption Day event! That is my absolute favorite thing about the job.

Seeing those kids finding their new families, and just how happy the judge and everyone on the staff are to be a part of the event - it's just an incredible thing to be able to witness first hand.

After a couple hours, we received the official notice that we weren't going to have the internet up by the end of the day - so they let us go home!


What is going on in YOUR life right now?
Tags: day 07, green room, season 11, week 6
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