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Results - Week 5

Some weeks the results are rough. Some weeks though, they feel kind of brutal.

For me, this is the later.

In both cases, a couple votes ended up being the difference between staying and being eliminated. Which is just one more reason to make sure you are voting for your favorites. Because no one is safe.

This week, yet again, we are saying goodbye to two veterans:

From Tribe 1, we are saying goodbye to chris_walsh, who had returned after a far too long absence. His entries tended to pack more than bite-sized portions would imply. I'd noticed that, poll wise, that he had struggled in the first couple of weeks. But honestly, I thought he was in a position to keep edging upward as the weeks went on and he gained his footing.

I hope that we will see you in the Home Game, and eventually fighting your way back into the competition as part of Second Chances!

From Tribe 2, I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Because the numbers were going to be close... as it turns out there ended up being A TIE! Yes, I did say that we were eliminating two veterans... that's because both of the people in our first tie-breaker of the season are veterans!

Which means there is a head to head match between minikin and sorchawench!

How the tie-breaker is going to work: There is an one day "Sudden Death Write Off".

It's open topic, which means that they can write anything they want. But they must submit it in the thread below by the deadline of Saturday, November 9th at 10pm EST. (Note; because someone almost always asks this question - You CAN use a bye for this.)

Good luck to you both!
Tags: eliminations, season 11, sudden death write off, week 5
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