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Green Room - Week 5 - Day 9

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I was thinking about this last night, how I hadn't really talked about something online yet. Which is weird, since with me, I pretty much talk about everything sooner or later. :)

Cynthia decided to try going vegetarian a couple months ago for environmental and ethical reasons. I wasn't going to do it, but especially on the weeks where it's just the two of us, making two meals really isn't practical and on thinking about it, we really weren't eating that much meat to begin with. (Note: at the start there was occasionally seafood, so it wasn't "vegetarian", but that seems to have been phased out)

I made some exceptions - when I was in Texas I had meat, some at a well known and respected BBQ place and on my birthday I had some bacon from the breakfast buffet. The bacon really wasn't worth it. The sausage from the BBQ place? It was OK. The brisket? Yeah, I would have personally slaughtered that cow. :D

After my birthday though, I went back to eating vegetarian. Again, with exceptions. Like there was an extra bacon doughnut that Celena didn't eat, so I did so it didn't go to waste. That was delicious. But for the most part, I just didn't even really think about missing it.

While at FEST, there were a *lot* of not just vegetarian, but vegan options. With the food vendors, it actually would have been more work to get the meat options! (there were restaurants around, and a hot dog cart, but I'm just saying there were a lot of vegan options, which is a complete cultural flip from the "norm"). So most of the FEST we actually ate vegan. The only exception being a couple slices of cheese pizza! (which again, even a couple months ago I would never have considered that being an option. It was pepperoni or death. :D)

After FEST though, on the way back - I had been dreaming about going to Bojangles. I've always loved stopping there. That was my treat to myself. It was my "special exception". I ordered the chicken. I ate the chicken. I started regretting the choice almost as soon as I started eating. Cynthia was fine with it. But she told me later she could see it on my face. It was delicious. But I didn't feel like it was "worth it" anymore.

My first "real" girlfriend was vegetarian. Pretty sure she's vegan now. I also had a girlfriend post-divorce/pre-Cynthia who was a vegan. (who really didn't eat very healthy, just vegan. There weren't a lot of good vegan options at the time where we were. Or maybe she just didn't like them.) I've had other opportunities and exposure. But it just never seemed to be something that I was at all interested in... now I am. I wonder what they would think if they heard I was more or less a vegetarian now. I imagine anyone who has known me for any length of time would probably laugh pretty hard!

It does make me concerned that one day Cynthia will be interested in jumping off a cliff. Because I could be in trouble. :D

There's a wedding coming up next year in New Orleans. I plan on making that my "meat exception" - it's going to be my first time there and there are way too many things that I want to try "at the source" that have meat in them. I'll play it by ear, and hopefully any choices I make will end up being "worth it" at the end of the experience.

Not sure there is any point in me mentioning any of this, other than it's a law that if you start being a vegetarian/vegan you have to talk about it endlessly. :D
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